PGS Guardians

Our Team

Wanda Bevington, LSW, MS, NCG


Wanda has been working in the field of guardianship since 1995. In 2003 she created Personal Guardianship Services Inc. Since then she has devoted her time to serving the needs of those individuals in Hamilton, Warren and Clermont Counties who are in need of a court appointed guardian. She currently serves as guardian of person for indigent individuals as well as serving as CEO for Personal Guardianship Services.


Wanda holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of Mt. St. Joseph and a Master of Science Degree in School Psychology from Miami University.


Wanda served The National Guardianship Association and The Ohio Guardianship Association as well as serving as president of both organizations.

Lisa Webb


Melissa (Lisa) Webb has been employed with Personal Guardianship Services since the fall of 2011, and is a long time resident of Butler County. Guardianship is a new career area for Lisa and she is enjoying visiting with her wards and working with them to receive the care they need.

Lisa is working toward becoming a National Certified Guardian.

Lisa is a member of the Ohio Guardianship Association and National Guardianship Association.

PGS Four Legged Staff

My name is Haylee; I was born on December 10, 2010. I am a Chichuahua, the oldest breed on the American continent and the smallest breed in the world. I like going to work where I get to visit nursing homes and sit on everyone’s lap.



(Retired) My name is Mocha; I was born on February 5, 2002. I am a designer dog, a deliberate mix between a Pomeranian and a Poodle so I’m called a Pom-A-Poo. The residents in the nursing homes like my pigtail ears and petting my soft hair.


(Retired) My name is Sadie, I am a Black Newfoundland and was born April 2010. I was originally bred to be a water rescue dog for fishermen. Now my job is a K-9 visitor to nursing and group homes. I love people and they enjoy my soft, silky hair.

(Retired) My name is Thor; I was born March 6, 2010. I am a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog. My job at home is to protect my family from wild animals coming into my yard. When I go to work for Personal Guardianship Services, my job is to visit people in nursing and group homes. I am very friendly and love to meet new people. I have been through training and want to continue my education so I can become a certified therapy dog.