Personal Guardianship Services is very excited to announce that we will launch a volunteer guardian component to our agency in 2018.


We are looking for volunteers to become guardians of individuals. Many of our clients live in nursing homes or group homes and would really benefit from the special care a volunteer would bring to their lives.


PGS is recruiting for a volunteer training class to run in January or February 2018. Since PGS serves Hamilton, Warren, Clermont, Butler, Montgomery, and Greene County, we are bound to have a volunteer opportunity near your home or work. With the exception of the initial court hearing to name you as the guardian, your volunteer time may be scheduled at any time that is convenient to you, including, morning, evening, or weekends.


Do you have an extra hour or two each month to spend visiting a senior or someone with a disability who could really use a friend? If so, please use the link below to complete our application or, for further information, call Wanda or Mitzi at 513-821-5500.

Download and fill this application. Email completed form to
Volunteer Information Form_Fill.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [671.3 KB]