Personal Guardianship Services Inc. (PGS) is a private non-profit agency started May 13, 2003 to meet the needs of individuals, who have been found incompetent by the local Probate Court.


Once appointed guardian, the PGS staff guardian visits the individual regularly, getting to know them and beginning to assist with decisions necessary for medical treatment, housing, or anything that becomes necessary to maintain a safe and secure lifestyle.


PGS accepts referrals from hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, families and others who are concerned about a friend, client or family member. Generally individuals who are referred for a guardian must be in a nursing home or nursing home eligible.


PGS staff guardians become guardian of person and or estate as needed. Staff is bonded as required by the court. Our staff has a combined total of over 25 years experience serving as guardian for hundreds of individuals in the Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont County Probate Courts.


Personal Guardianship Services Inc. also provides Representative Payee Services for individuals who are living in the community, group or residential facilities and receiving Social Security Benefits.